Project details

ARPen is an iOS app (check it out here) that allows users to perform mid-air sketching and modeling in Augmented Reality. ARPen allows users to perform in-situ mid-air sketches using just their smartphone; the models thus generated can be printed via a staple 3D printer. Thus, ARPen is an attempt to simplify the DIY community’s 3D modeling-to-printing workflow.

I was part of the team that designed the user interface of the ARPen iOS app. I added a few features to the interface, such as some modeling plugins, ability to store and retrieve models across sessions, and the ability to share the model to another device via a simple client-host network. Additionally, I created and maintained the GitHub repository of the project, as well the documentation.

Below are some highlights of my work with the ARPen project.

Below is an ARPen design used at our exhibit in Lasermesse M√ľnich. When printed, the “pen” can be handed out to people for use with the ARPen app. The thumb print acts as a signifier to inform the users how to hold the card. The back-side of the card contained instructions for downloading the iOS app as well as project details.


Below is a screenshot of the ARPen iOS app. I used simple gradients to design 3d icons, and designed instruction cards for beginner users.


Here is an illustrated I created to show the soldering setup of our 3d-printed ARPen: